music producer


pre - 2017

Before I even started programming, I was interested in computers since I was born. My dad tought me how to build a computer, install an OS on it and more when I was 4 years old, apart from many other things. He also showed me Linux, which I mainly use to this day, and electronic music, especially D&B, which I started making a lot later in life (sort of).


Here, my programming journey began. I picked up Python for the first time, learning basic fundementals such as variables, if statements, while and for loops, functions, etc. I also started learning PyGame, which led me to game design, as well as sk-learn, which led me to machine learning.


In this year, I began to tinker with music production, first starting with LMMS, an open-source DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), after which I migrated to FL Studio. I also significantly improved in programming with Python, learning how to use object oriented programming, improving my GUI design, and more.


This is where I peaked with programming, in my opinion. I picked up C++, since I wasn’t satisfied with Python’s performance and proceeded with making my own framework for 2D game design called Cobra. I also started using the Godot game engine, in which I learned 2D, as well as 3D game design and participated in multiple 72-hour game jams.


This year, I published my most successful game yet, Five Nights at Restored Freddy’s. It was another FNAF fan game, which had a few different mechanics. It took me about a month to complete, after which it gained a significant amount of players. Today, the play count hovers somewhere around 800 plays in total, with people still playing the game every day.


In present year, I found myself losing interest in programming and rather leaning into music production and my newfound hobby, photography. I discovered breakcore, one of my favourite genres so far, in which I released two singles in total, called “new beginning” and “crystallization” on all major streaming platforms. I also am currently working on my first album, “disarray”, which should be completed this or next month. On the other hand, I got into photography quite recently, experimenting with both digital and analog methods of capturing pictures.